Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments

What is a digital coating thickness gauge?

A digital coating thickness gauge is an instrument to measure the thickness of coatings on metallic surfaces. As it is a non-destructive method to evaluate coatings, it is a much easier method and more accurate when compared to other destructive methods.

Yowexa Sensor Systems is a renowned manufacturer of coating thickness gauges. They offer a variety of models varying in accuracy, measurement range, compatibility with substrate and coating, and type of probe. In general, all models from Yowexa Sensor Systems can measure the thickness of paint coating, powder coating, and plating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates with certain exceptions.

How do DFT meters work?

Depending on the nature of the substrate, i.e. whether the base on which the coating is applied is ferrous or non-ferrous, the measuring principle varies. If the substrate is ferrous, the thickness of the coating is measured by the principle of magnetic induction. In the case of non-ferrous substrates, the Eddy current principle is used. For the magnetic induction principle to be useful, the coating must be non-magnetic.

DFT meter applications

Coating thickness gauges find application in a wide variety of industries, from R&D by paint manufacturers to cursory thickness checking by resellers of used cars. The following is a list of the most common industries and their respective applications.

DFT meters for paint thickness measurement

Most manufacturers have the need to evaluate painting thickness in one form or the other. For protection or aesthetic purposes, manufacturers tend to apply paint coatings on their products. If the coating thickness is lesser than needed, it might not provide enough protection. If it is too much, it results in increased raw material usage and costs. If the applied coating is not even throughout a product, the product appears odd and might be assumed to be of inferior quality. In all such situations, the DFT meter is a useful tool to instantly measure and ensure optimum paint coating thickness.

The EC900 coating thickness gauge is the preferred model for paint thickness measurement. To purchase this model, you can visit the below link.

Powder coating thickness measuring instruments

Powder coatings have come to replace paints in most places because of the significant advantages they offer. All the reasons why painted surfaces need to be assessed for their coating thickness are applicable to powder-coated surfaces as well. In fact, it is all the more important as powder coatings are more expensive.

The EC900 coating thickness gauge is the preferred model for paint thickness measurement. To purchase this model, you can visit the below link.

Paint thickness gauges for auto detailing

Auto detailing is the process of sprucing up an old car to make it look better. This involves removing any scars, dents, or marks on the exterior body and polishing it to make it as good as new. Amongst the several steps and processes involved in auto detailing, paint correction is done to permanently remove scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in the vehicle’s paint and thereby increase its shine.

Generally, consumer automotive products have different layers of coatings—primer coat, base coat, and clear coat. During the paint correction process, a few microns of the top clear coat are shaved off to make it as smooth as possible. Before initiating this step, it is important to evaluate the thickness of the coating. Also during the process, the coating thickness has to be periodically measured so that the clearcoat is not removed completely which could result in damage to the base coat.

Along similar lines, cars that have been repainted have an uneven thickness of the topcoat. This poses a challenge to the auto detailer in evaluating the right amount of coating that can be safely removed.

The EC500A paint thickness gauge is the preferred model for all applications related to auto detailing. To purchase this model, you can visit the below link.

Plating thickness testers

Electroplating, like powder coating, offers numerous advantages such as corrosion protection, increased durability, and better aesthetic appeal. This is most common in industries such as automotive and aerospace. The DFT meter used to analyze the thickness of electroplating is industrially referred to as a plating thickness gauge or anodizing thickness gauge.

The Elecoat M2000 is the preferred model for such applications. Especially since the thickness is quite less, this instrument comes with a special 10um foil for calibrating the system for low thickness values.

Coating thickness measurement instrument price

Agaram Industries is the Indian distributor of coating thickness measurement instruments from Yowexa Sensor Systems. To get a quotation with the DFT meter price, you can fill up this form or send an email to

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