Amylab FN – Falling Number Instrument From Chopin Technologies, France

Chopin Technologies,a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, is a French manufacturer of instruments for evaluating the quality of cereal, flour, and other related products. One of its flagship products is the Amylab FN which is an apparatus to measure the Hagberg Falling Number. The ergonomic design and advanced technology of the Amylab FN makes it a preferred instrument worldwide.

Features Of Amylab FN

  • Two methods to measure Alpha amylase activity: Conventional Hagberg Falling Number method & Testogram method
  • Reusable aluminum test tube to eliminate the risk of breakage or injury
  • Patented induction heating of the test tube to increase safety, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility
  • Test information and initiation is done through a 7-inch touch screen for excellent readability of results
  • Results can be obtained 60% faster using the Testogram method
  • Fungal alpha amylase added to flour for purpose of improvement can also be measured using the Testogram method

What Is Falling Number?

The Falling Number is a popular test for determining the quality of grains or wheat flour. The Falling Number test was developed in the 1950s by Sven Hagberg and his co-worker Harald Perten in Sweden. Also called as the Hagberg number, this test evaluates the sprout damage of grains which is an indicator of its quality. It is commonly used by producers of breads, pasta, noodles, and so on.

What Is Alpha Amylase Activity?

Grains which are exposed to prolonged dampness or rain either in the pre-harvest stage or during storage may start to germinate or sprout.Alpha amylase is one of the enzymes formed when grains start to sprout. This enzyme breaks down the starch and proteins in the grains into sugar which nourishes the growing embryo. High levels of alpha amylase activity results in sprout damage.Baking products produced from sprout damaged grains will produce an undesirable output.

Falling Number Test Procedure

Preparation Of Sample Solution

The grain sample to be analysed is grounded into a powder which can be done using a Chopin grinder. In case of a flour sample, it can be analysed as such. 7g of the flour should be weighed and introduced into the reusable aluminium test tube of Chopin’s Falling Number apparatus followed by 25 ml of distilled water.

Falling Number Analysis

Hagberg Falling Number Method

In the Hagberg Falling Number method, the test tube is placed in the instrument with a stirrer. Unlike conventional instruments which employ a water bath, the Amylab FN uses a patented induction heating technology that enhances safety, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

Once the test is started, the sample will be stirred for 60 seconds by the reciprocating motion of the plunger. Then, the stirrer will be released from the top, and the amount of time it takes for the stirrer to pass through the starch sample under the effect of its own weight is measured. This recorded value, in seconds,is the Falling Number.

Testogram Method

The flour and water sample would be stirred and kept at a constant temperature of 100°C for about 90 seconds. The viscosity of the gel is then measured. The value of the Hagberg Falling Number is then predicted accurately from this viscosity value. This method has been found to be nearly 66% faster.

Falling Number Applications

Analysis Of Wheat Flour

To get good quality bread, the Falling Number of wheat flour is analyzed to ensure it is within the desired levels. High values result in bread with sticky breadcrumbs, while low values result in dry breadcrumbs. When the FN value is within the tolerance levels, a firm and soft textured bread can be obtained.

Grain Trade

Knowledge of the Falling Number gives grain traders a good idea of its quality based on which they can decide the pricing. It also gives them a yardstick for classifying wheat into different categories.

Other Applications

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, Falling Number analysis is also performed by:

  • pasta &noodles manufacturers
  • malting barley industry
  • flour millers

Falling Number Price

Agaram Industries is the official distributor of Chopin Technologies, France, who manufacture instruments to measure the Hagberg Falling Number. To get a quotation with the Amylab FN price, you can fill up this form or send an email directly to sales@agaramindia.com.

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