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Test stands, coupled with force gauges or torque meters, are an integral component of tests to measure tensile and compression forces or torque. Though the gauges can be used by themselves, using a test stand along with them offers advantages such as higher repeatability and efficiency, and the ability to exert forces of high magnitude. Mark-10 manufactures a wide range of test stands including manual and motorized test stands. Manual test stands can be operated using a lever or hand-operated wheel. The motorized test stands are preferred in applications where a constant test speed is required. This combination of Mark-10’s digital force gauge and test stand can be used for different applications such as compression and tensile testing, peel strength testing, and coefficient of friction (COF) testing.



Manual Test Stands

Mark-10 has different manual test stand models which differ with respect to the maximum force, maximum travel distance, speed range, and the clearance between the bottom of a mounted force gauge or sensor and the loading surface of the stand.

Manual Test Stands - Force Measurement

Mark-10 has 7 models of manual test stands that are compatible with their digital force gauges. They can apply forces ranging up to 150 N, or even 5 kN, depending on the model. Each model also has different travel distances ranging from 1.5 to 13 inches.



Manual Test Stands - Torque Measurement

Mark-10 has a manual test stand that for torque measurement applications such as closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. One of the advantages of using a test stand for torque testing applications is the ability to exert a torque of up to 11.5 Nm, which is humanly impossible. Another advantage of the TST test stand is the ability to exert uniform torque. Since its working is based on a hand wheel, it ensures smooth operation. Mark-10 also produces a torque test stand that can operate in the horizontal orientation, called TSTH.


Motorized Test Stands

Mark-10’s lineup includes a wide variety of motorized test stands for force and torque measurement requiring improved accuracy. The constant test speed that can be generated by motorized test stands is the significant advantage that they have over the manual ones. The high-end models can be programmed for advanced test sequences wherever required.

Motorized Test Stands - Force Measurement

Based on the model of motorized test stand chosen, users can conduct experiments to measure tensile and compression forces ranging from 1.5 kN to 6.7 kN. In addition to the maximum force, the travel distance would also have to be taken into consideration while making a choice. All Mark-10 motorized test stands have overload protection to make sure that the instrument is capable of withstanding even if forces exceeding the maximum recommended limit are accidentally applied.

ESM303 / ESM303H

ESM 750

ESM 1500

Motorized Test Stands - Torque Measurement

TSTM-DC is the motorized test stand from Mark-10 that is used to measure the torque being applied. This setup, with an appropriate torque indicator, can be used to exert and measure a torque of up to 22 Nm. The instrument can also be controlled from a computer. The TSTM-DC test stand has a range of additional functionalities such as programmable angle limits, programmable cycling, auto return, password protection, and a lot more. Mark-10 also manufacture torque test stands which work in the horizontal orientation, called TSTMH-DC.


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