Chopin Technologies, France

Chopin Technologies is a subsidiary of KPM Technologies and is the world’s leading manufacturer of technological instruments for quality analysis of cereal, flour, and other related products. All the technology and equipment from Chopin Technologies are built wholly in its France factory.

Chopin Technologies Product Line-Up

Alveolab– Dough tenacity, extensibility, elasticity, and baking strength

Infraneo – Multi-purpose infrared whole and powdered grain analyser

Agri-TR – 8-crop grain moisture meter for moisture content, temperature, and specific weight

Amylab FN – Hagberg Falling Number

Aqua-TR – 64-crop grain moisture meter for moisture content, temperature, and specific weight

LabMill – Laboratory milling of both hard and soft wheat

CD1 Mill & CD2 Mill – Production of soft wheat and durum wheat respectively representative of industrial milling

Mixolab 2 – Characteristics of dough during mixing, and quality of starch and protein

Rheo F4 – Characteristics of dough during proofing

SDmatic – Starch damage

SRC-Chopin – Solvent retention capacity (SRC) profile

History Of Chopin Technologies

The company was started in the 1920s by Marcel Chopin who had always been drawn to the science of baking. After extensive research, he was able to conceptualize and come up with the extensometer. The extensometer was immediately adopted by agronomists, millers, and bakers worldwide to measure the tenacity (resilience), the extensibility, and elasticity of flour dough.

The extensometer was the cornerstone for Chopin’s ground-breaking invention—the Alveograph. Even today, the Alveograph test is a widely used tool in the world of baking. The present-day instrument from Chopin Technologies which performs the Alveograph test is the Alveolab.

In addition to the Alveolab, Chopin Technologies has more product offerings allied to the quality analysis of flour and dough. It has been able to continuously improve its existing instruments and come up with new ones for evaluating flour and dough as a result of intense research and development. The company has a longstanding policy to dedicate 10% of their annual turnover to R&D. The fruits of its unwavering focus on R&D can be seen in its instruments such as the Amylab FN and SDmatic. The Amylab FN has an extra test mode called the testogram method which is 66% faster than the conventional methods of detecting the Hagberg Falling Number. The SDmatic is unique in the market in that it can detect starch damage is less than 10 minutes.

Quality Standards

Chopin Technologies realizes the need for accreditation for the instruments they develop. Hence, all the instruments manufactured by it are recognized by international standards such as ISO, ICC, EN, AACC, Afnor, and many more.

Chopin Technologies Instruments Price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive distributor of Chopin Technologies, France, who manufacture instruments for analysis of flour and cereals. To get a quotation with the price of Chopin Technologies instruments, you can fill up this form or send an email directly to

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