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The Corneometer® CM 825 from Courage+Khazaka is the most popular device worldwide for measuring skin hydration. It was the first device to be commercially produced by the company over 35 years ago. Today, after having gone through several iterations, the Corneometer® is the international standard for assessing the moisturization of skin. Apart from using it as a standalone device, it can also be a part of the Derma Unit SSC 3 or the MPA systems. It is also available as a wireless probe.

Corneometer® Working Principle

The Corneometer® CM 825 employs the principle of capacitance to objectively quantify the hydration level of the stratum corneum—the uppermost layer of skin. When hydration in the stratum corneum—a dielectric medium—increases, its dielectric properties change correspondingly. This change is detected by the precision capacitor built into the probe and the software presents it in terms of arbitrary Corneometer® units.

Salient Features Of The Corneometer® CM 825

The following are some of the salient features of the latest version of the Corneometer® which make it the international standard for skin hydration measurement.

Spring-Loaded Operation

The Corneometer® CM 825 has a spring-loaded operation mechanism. This helps the operator apply the same pressure on skin during every measurement, ensuring reproducible and comparable measurements. As the probe is supposed to measure hydration only at 10 to 20 microns of the stratum corneum, this mechanism helps avoid the influence of hydration from deeper skin layers.

Analysis Time

The Corneometer® CM 825 enables quick measurement. It takes less than a second to record a reading which is important to avoid occlusions. It is also easy to perform continuous measurements without the need for any recovery time in-between measurements. This device is also capable of taking continuous measurements over a prolonged period which is used to observe dynamic occlusion.

Intuitive Software

The Corneometer® CM 825 now ships with the latest version of the MPA CTplus software which is several times more sophisticated and user-friendly than its predecessors. It automatically computes the average and spread when the user takes several readings. This enables quick analysis and deletion of any erroneous readings.

Corneometer® CM 825 Price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive Indian distributor of Courage+Khazaka from Germany, who are the original manufacturers of the Corneometer®. To get a quotation with the Corneometer® CM 825 price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to

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