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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of analytical instruments, mainly based on density and refractometry. One of their most sold products worldwide is the digital hydrometer, DA-130N, which is also sometimes called as digital specific gravity meter. 

The DA-130N is a versatile instrument that employs the principle of density measurement to compute numerous parameters such as density, specific gravity, temperature compensated density and specific gravity, Brix %, sulphuric acid concentration, alcohol concentration, and a few other density-related values. Hence, this density measurement instrument finds application in numerous industries including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, batteries, breweries, refineries, chemicals, petroleum, petrochemicals, and many more. In certain industries, it is also called by other names such as digital specific gravity meter or digital liquid density meter.

DA-130N Digital Hydrometer Specifications


Density: 0.0000 to 2.0000 g/cm3


±0.001 g/cm3


0.0001 g/cm3

Temperature range

0 to 40°C

Display content

Density, temperature compensated density, specific gravity, temperature compensated specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato and Proof degree, etc.


10 kinds of coefficients per sample plus temperature to be corrected can be entered.

Auto calibration

Can store density of water at various degrees of temperature required for calibration of the measuring cell.


By syringe type hand pump.

Data storage

1,100 samples

External output

IrDA for Personal computer

Salient Features Of DA-130N Digital Hydrometer

The DA-130N works on the oscillating U-tube technique which is based on the Mass-Spring model. This is compliant with the guidelines for density measurement mentioned in ASTM D7777. Once the sample is sucked into the instrument, it will be filled in a U-shaped glass tube which has oscillation capacity. The U-tube is then excited electronically by piezo elements to oscillate at its characteristic frequency.The characteristic frequency depends on the density of the sample. Optical pickups are used to measure the period of oscillation τ which is used to determine density using the below equation

ρ = A.τ^2 – B

where A and B are respective instrument constants of each oscillator. These values are determined by calibrating with two substances whose densities are precisely known.

How Does The DA-130N Digital Hydrometer Work?

Temperature Compensation

Measurement of density needs to be performed at a specific temperature for consistent and comparable results. In the absence of a Peltier element to keep the temperature of the sample constant, provisions for temperature-compensation should be in place to avoid erroneous measurements of density.

If the sample density is taken at a temperature other than the standard temperature, the reading will be wrong due to change in volume of the liquid. Appropriate corrections will need to be made in the density measured for temperature compensation. These correction values are pre-built into the DA-130N’s algorithm to directly display density values which are temperature compensated


In addition to the bench-top liquid density meters, there has always been a huge demand for portable density meters as well. Portable density meters are preferred for industrial applications in which the instrument needs to be carried around. Taking all these practicalities into account, KEM designed its density measuring instrument with a special focus on making it handy and user-friendly.

The instrument can be operated using a single-hand and is conducive for both left-hand and right-hand use. The U-tube is packaged into the ingenious design to make it weigh as less as possible. The user interface of the instrument is so intuitive that no technical knowledge is required to operate it.

Digital Display

The DA-130N display is optimized to consume less battery, so that the operating time for each set of batteries lasts long. The digital display has been designed in a way that you can get information regarding sample temperature, sample number, auto-determination of oscillation stability, auto save/output/deletion of data, and battery level in the same screen.

Data Storage & OutputData Storage & Output

Another DA-130N feature which makes it particularly useful in production environments is its built-in storage and ability to transfer the stored data to a PC. The instrument has a memory storage that can store up to 1,100 values which enables you to evaluate samples one after the other without having to pause in-between to note down the values. Each stored value will have a serial number which can be later used for tracking and reporting.

For advanced analytics, the recorded data can also be transferred onto a PC via the IR port. This is mainly used by R&D departments and research organizations. The measurement time and name of the operator can also be printed out.

Applications Of DA-130N Digital Hydrometer

  • Digital battery hydrometer: In the batteries industry, the concentration of sulphuric acid in the battery is an important parameter to assess the quality and life of the battery. Commonly called as digital battery hydrometer, the DA-130N is a popular instrument in this industry and is adopted by numerous battery manufacturers in their R&D and production centers.
  • Portable alcohol meter: One of the most used methods adopted by breweries and refineries for evaluating the percentage of alcohol is through a portable alcohol meter based on density measurement. Since the facilities are spread across acres of land, a handy instrument is preferred. The DA-130N can function as a portable alcohol meter with its ability to measure the alcohol percentage in liquids based on the measurement of density.

Other Industrial Names

  • In addition to being called as digital hydrometers, they are also called by different names in different industries. Some of the other names are:

    • Digital specific gravity meter
    • Digital liquid density meter
    • Portable density meter / Portable digital density meter
    • Digital battery hydrometer
    • Portable alcohol meter

DA-130N Digital Hydrometer Price

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