In-Vitro SPF Testing System: Labsphere, USA

Labsphere is a leading manufacturer of photometry-related instruments based out of USA. Founded in 1979, it is currently a part of the Halma Group of companies and has become a globally renowned name in the field of photonics.

In Labsphere’s diverse portfolio, the UV-2000 series occupies an important position. It has two models—UV-2000S and UV-2000F. The former is for testing sunscreen products in vitro i.e., on glass plates and not on live beings. The UV-2000F is dedicated to analyzing the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of fabric samples.

UV-2000S UV Transmittance Analyser

The UV-2000S is a UV transmittance analyzer used globally for evaluating the sun protection factor (SPF) of sunscreen products. This industry-leading instrument works by measuring the spectral transmittance of ultraviolet light through the sunscreen product sample across a wavelength of 250 to 450 nm. Spectral transmittance refers to the ratio of radiant flux transmitted through the sample, relative to the incident energy at a single wavelength. While the light source in the UV-2000S is a powerful xenon flash lamp, it also has Labsphere’s Spectralon® integrating sphere and two spectrometer instruments built into its small frame.

Salient Features Of UV-2000S

The UV-2000S is widely used by cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic ingredient suppliers, contract research organizations (CROs), and academia because of the significant benefits it offers, including the following.

Measurement Time & Sample Throughput

With the one-click measurement feature, it takes less than 5 seconds to get a sample tested using the UV-2000S. This is minuscule when compared to other in-vivo or traditional methods of analyzing SPF. The manual positioning stage can be used to quickly move the PMMA plate and expose different points. This helps to obtain an average of the sample and eliminate any erroneous measurements.

Minimal Footprint

The UV-2000S consists of a single integrated unit and does not require any additional accessories for operation. Its compact body occupies minimal space in the laboratory. This is hugely beneficial where laboratory bench space is scarce.


The UV-2000S is accompanied by an intuitive application software. Regular prompts in the UI eliminate the need for the operator to have technical expertise or any prior experience in using the system. It includes the functionality to quickly generate reports along with graphs.

Validation Kit

The system is supplied along with a performance validation kit consisting of a set of calibrated standards. The user can periodically perform in-house performance tests to make sure that the instrument is in proper working condition

UV-2000S Parameters

The UV-2000S can quickly evaluate a wide range of parameters of sunscreen products including:

  • In-vitro SPF
  • Critical wavelength
  • UVA Protection Factor
  • Star Rating

In-Vitro SPF Testing Methods

The UV-2000S software is pre-configured to test sun protection products according to the following standards. Additionally, it also enables users to create their own method and test according to it.

 ISO 24443:2012 

COLIPA Guideline (2011) 

Boots Star (2011 Revision)

FDA Method (2007 Proposed Rule)

FDA Method (2011 Final Rule)

Labsphere UV-2000S SPF Testing System Price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive Indian distributor of the UV-2000S SPF Testing System from Labsphere, USA. To get a quotation with the SPF testing system price, you can fill up this form or send an email to sales@agaramindia.com.

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