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Courage+Khazaka is a globally acclaimed manufacturer of instruments for testing different parameters of skin and hair. Their instruments occupy a distinct position in the cosmetics industry and are used by all leading names in the industry. Most of their products such as the Corneometer®, Cutometer®, and Tewameter® have practically become the gold standard for measuring the respective parameters.

History Of Courage+Khazaka Electronic GmbH

C+K was started in 1986 by Wilfried Courage and Prof. hc Gabriel Khazaka, with an aim to develop scientific instruments for objectively quantifying different aspects of human skin. In this attempt, the Corneometer® was the first product to be commercially produced. Till date, it remains one of C+K’s top-selling instruments and has become the universal standard for skin hydration assessment.

The Corneometer® was followed by a series of instruments for other skin parameters. Currently, C+K’s portfolio has a whole range of instruments for holistic skin assessment. The company is still owned and run by the family of Prof. Khazaka, and continues to innovate and develop new products based on customer feedback and needs

C+K Product Lines

C+K has two distinct product lines—scientific skin testing systems and cosmetic consultation devices.

Scientific Skin Testing Systems

The scientific skin testing systems are mainly used for R&D applications that require high accuracy and repeatability. These systems find a place in the labs of all leading cosmetic manufacturers, clinical research organizations (CROs), and research organizations across the globe. The most popular scientific systems from C+K are:

  • Multi Probe Adapter (MPA) Systems
  • Standalone Systems (MDD)
  • Wireless Probes

Multi Probe Adapter (MPA) Systems:

MPA systems consist of a central console to which C+K’s different probes can be connected. The central console needs to be connected to a PC for recording and processing data. C+K offers different central consoles that can accommodate up to 2,6, and 10 probes simultaneously.

All MPA systems come with the MPA CTplus software. This new and upgraded software has all the features that research scientists expect, including protocol creation, data visualization, and detailed report generation.

Standalone Systems (MDD):

The standalone Multi Display Devices (MDD) have integrated displays for displaying the measured results and graphs. Each system will come with one default probe that can be chosen at the time of purchase. It can additionally accommodate two probes along with the Ambient Condition Sensor.

Wireless Probes:

C+K’s portfolio includes a series of wireless probes that record and transmit data onto the PC. These probes are compatible with a special software—MPA WLplus software.

Cosmetic Consultation Devices

C+K has a dedicated line of products for cosmetic consultation suitable for skin clinics, dermatologists, marketing kiosks, and similar applications. This line includes a wide variety of devices ranging from small handheld probes to multi-parameter systems controlled by a central console. Some of the systems include a customizable PC software that can be configured to recommend cosmetic products based on the results obtained.

Some of the popular cosmetic consultation devices are as follows:
Multi-Test Skin Center MC 1000 / 750
Visioscope® PC 35
VisioFace® 1000 D
Visiopor® PP 34 N
Many More…

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