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Dia-Stron is a leading manufacturer of instruments to evaluate different properties of single fibers or filaments. These instruments are applicable to a variety of fibers ranging from natural fibers such as hair or jute to synthetic fibers such as carbon or glass.

Dia-Stron Instrument Line-Up

Majorly, Dia-Stron focuses on instruments for single fibers or filaments. In addition, they also have a few instruments for in-vivo skin testing.

The following are the Dia-Stron instruments related to testing different properties of natural and synthetic fibers.


The fibra.one is a versatile hair tress testing instrument preferred by all leading producers of hair care products worldwide. With special accessories attached to the instrument, you can perform a variety of tests such as combing, 3-point bend, friction, curl compression, and stress. By considering numerous practical applications, the system has been carefully designed to ensure it is extremely easy to switch hair tresses for increased throughput.


The MTT690 is a specialised instrument for measuring the tensile properties of single hair fibers. This main advantage of this system is that it can be automated by integrating it with the ALS1500 for testing the tensile properties of up to 100 hair fibers successively. It can also be integrated with the FDAS770 for simultaneous measurement of dimensional and tensile data from a single integrated system.


The FDAS770 is a flagship fiber dimension measurement system. It is based on a laser scanning micrometer for non-destructive, non-contact, and accurate measurement of cross-sectional dimensions. For eliminating the variation in tensile strength due to dimensions, the FDAS770 is a perfect addition to the MTT690.


The LEX820 is a system specially meant for testing the tensile properties of fine fibers which are extremely brittle. This is a preferred solution for testing the strength of synthetic fibers such as carbon and glass. For increased throughput, the LEX820 can be integrated with the ALS1500 which can automate sample loading for up to 100 fibers.


The CYC802 is a cyclic tester for measuring the cyclic fatigue properties of hair fibers. It simulates the everyday hair grooming procedure by subjecting hair fibers to repeated cyclic tensile deformation till the point of failure.

Other Instruments

Some of the other popular instruments from Dia-Stron for evaluating different parameters of single fibers are:







Dia-Stron also produce two handy instruments for evaluating skin.

BLS780 Ballistometer

The BLS780 works on the traditional ballistometer principle of applying a constant force on an object and measuring its firmness and dynamic resilience. This is a useful system for evaluating different parameters of skin such as elasticity, firmness, hydration, anti-ageing, scleroderma, oedema, and so on.

TLS850 Translucency Meter

The TLS850 is a handy portable probe for measuring the translucency of skin. It is widely used in the personal care products industry for substantiating claims related to the translucency and radiance of skin. Since this system can also be used for liquids and emulsions, it finds application in a few other industries such as food & beverages (F&B), plastics, paints, and inks.

History Of Dia-Stron

Dia-Stron started as a manufacturer of instruments for skin testing. But due to market demands, they changed directions and started researching on instruments for hair testing. By the late 1980s, they launched a microprocessor-controlled miniature hair tester which had a digital output. It came along with a basic software package. By 1992, they came up with their first automated tensile tester which could automatically test up to 100 hair fibres sequentially.

In 2000, sparked off by a customer enquiry, they realized the potential of their instruments to be customized for analysing carbon fibers. Ever since, they have continuously adapted to the market demands and customized their products for different fibers such as natural and man-made fibers.

In 2016, Dia-Stron became part of the Judges Scientific PLC group, an AIM-listed company specialising in the design and production of scientific instruments.

Dia-Stron In India

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