Mexameter® MX 18

Mexameter® MX 18 – Skin Pigmentation Measurement Instrument | Courage+Khazaka, Germany

The Mexameter® MX 18 is a globally recognized device in the field of skin testing to evaluate two important factors that determine skin color—melanin & erythema. The MPA CTplus software instantaneously displays values corresponding to the levels of melanin and erythema present in skin.

In the cosmetics industry, it is used to evaluate and substantiate a wide variety of claims such as sun protecting, whitening, brightening, skin tone correction, soothing, micro-circulation increasing, anti-irritation, and many more.

This probe is usually used in conjunction with the Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440  and the Skin Glossymeter GL 200 to objectively quantify visual parameters such as color and gloss. The Mexameter® MX 18 is compatible with the MPA systems and is also available as a standalone probe in wired and wireless formats.

Mexameter® MX 18 Working Principle

The working of the Mexameter® MX 18 is based on the absorption and reflection of light. It consists of a light source that emits light in three specific wavelengths. A sensor in the probe measures the light reflected by skin. As the quantity of light incident on skin and the quantity reflected from it are known, the quantity of light absorbed by skin can be calculated. Based on the evaluation of different wavelengths, the amount of melanin and erythema can be calculated.

Salient Features of Mexameter® MX 18

High sensitivity

The dynamic range of the Mexameter MX 18 is so large that it can detect and quantify even the slightest of changes in skin pigmentation. It provides numeric values for melanin and erythema indexes between 0 and 999.

Easy handling

It is one of the easiest probes to use in the C+K family. It takes just about a second from the moment the probe is placed on the skin surface for the software to display values.

Spring Loaded Action

The probe consists of a spring at its head to ensure constant pressure is applied for every measurement. This helps produce repeatable and accurate results

Easy maintenance

The probe is easy to clean and maintain. It includes a calibration checking tool that can be used periodically to ensure that the probe is working properly.

Mexameter® MX 18 Price

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