Sebumeter® SM 815

Sebumeter® SM 815 – Sebum Measurement Device | Courage+Khazaka, Germany

The Sebumeter® SM 815 from Courage+Khazaka is a widely used tool in scientific research to determine the sebum levels of skin. It is mentioned in several global research papers as the most accurate and reproducible method of determining the activity of sebaceous glands. This probe is most popularly used with other probes from C+K such as Corneometer® CM 825 and Skin-pH-Meter pH 905 as part of the MPA systems. It is also available as a standalone device.

Sebumeter® SM 815 Working Principle

The Sebumeter® SM 815 works based on the principle of grease spot photometry. The cartridge consists of a special mat tape that becomes transparent when brought in touch with the sebum on skin. The transparency of the exposed mat tape is then measured by a photocell to determine the sebum level. The speciality of the tape is that it does not turn transparent when exposed to any other substance such as water.

Salient Features of Sebumeter® SM 815


It is a versatile tool that works on different surfaces such as skin, hair, and scalp. This makes it a popular tool for substantiating different types of claims such as anti-oiliness, anti-acne, repairing, regenerating, and protecting of hair and skin care products.

Spring Loaded Action

To ensure accurate and reproducible results, the cartridge has been designed with a spring in its head. This enables the application of constant pressure on the measurement surface.

Zero Calibration

Before every reading, a zero calibration has to be done with an unused piece of tape. This is one more factor that helps in obtaining accurate and repeatable results.

Easy Handling

The cartridge is small and light in weight which makes it easy to use.

How to use Sebumeter® SM 815

  • Insert the cartridge with unexposed mat tape into the aperture of the main unit (MPA, SSC 3, or standalone unit).
  • The device checks whether the tape is unused and stores the transparency as zero.
  • Press the cartridge slightly into the main unit aperture till you see a message stating the start of measurement.
  • When the cartridge is taken out, the countdown starts. During this time duration, the tape has to be pressed against the measurement area without applying too much pressure.
  • As soon as the countdown is over, the cartridge must be reinserted into the aperture and pressed down till a value between 0 and 350 is displayed on the software.
  • The cartridge can then be removed from the aperture.
  • For the next measurement, pull down the lever on the side to move to the next piece of unused tape for the next measurement.
  • Repeat the same steps as above to take another reading. Each cartridge can be used for 400 to 450 such measurements.

Sebumeter® SM 815 Applications

As sebum is an integral part of the hydrolipidic film, every skin care product has a bearing on the sebum levels of skin. Hence, evaluating the sebum level is relevant in the efficacy testing of most skin care products. The Sebumeter® SM 815 can be used in a wide range of claims including oily skin/hair/scalp, anti-dandruff, anti-acne, cleaning/purifying, oil restoring, and protecting.

Sebumeter® SM 815 Price

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