Ozu Corporation, Japan – Lint-Free Wipes

Ozu Corporation is a publicly listed Japanese manufacturer of a variety of cleaning fabrics that are special in the sense that they release very less lint or dust.

Wipes From Ozu Corporation

Pure Leaf ST-280: Laboratory Instruments Cleaning

The Pure Leaf ST-280 is widely used in laboratories for cleaning instruments. These wipes are made of 100% Cupro cellulose and are packaged in boxes having 280 such wipes.

Noa Strong: Industrial Cleaningn

The Noa Strong wipes are ideal for industrial applications which require heavy-duty machinery to be cleaned. The Noa Strong wipes are made of 70% cellulose and 30% polypropylene. They are available in two colours – blue and white – based on the industry.

Bemcot M3-II: Cleanroom Cleaning

The Bemcot M3-II is the most popular variant in the Bemcot series of wipes. They are made of 100% Bemilese and are preferred in cleanrooms across industries.

Dusper: Lens Cleaning

The Dusper wipes are specially designed for cleaning lenses which require a delicate cleaning material that would not leave scratches on the surface while cleaning.

Brief History Of Ozu Corporation

The company was founded in the year 1653 by Ozu Seizaemon-Nagahiro as a wholesaler of papers. It was in 1903 that Ozu forayed into the fabrics sector by acquiring a filament and spinning factory from another company. Japan, a country known for its technological prowess, was the earliest to manufacture lint-free wipes in huge quantities. Amongst the Japanese producers of lint-free wipes, Ozu Corp is a well-established name since it has always focused on coming up with better technology based on the market demands.

Partnership With Asahi Kasei Fabrics & Textiles

Asahi Kasei is a group of Japanese companies which has presence in numerous sectors such as micro-devices, construction materials, pharmaceutical, fabric, and so on. In 1973, Ozu Corporation forged a partnership with the fabrics and textiles division of Asahi Kasei.

Bemilese and Bemcot are two common names which was a result of the partnership between Ozu Corp and Asahi Kasei. Bemilese is the only Cupro continuous filament which can be used for producing non-woven fabric. Bemilese is much better than ordinary cotton in that it uses only the short fibers around the cotton seeds. Bemcot is a line of disposable wipes which are made from Bemilese. The Bemcot series of wipes are employed in multiple specialized industries including pharmaceutical, electronic components manufacturing, cleanrooms, aviation, and so on.

Need For Lint-Free Wipes

Amongst the numerous parameters continuously monitored in industries and production units, cleanliness occupies an important position. This is particularly applicable to research laboratories, cleanrooms, and manufacturing facilities.

When it comes to such critical applications, ordinary cleaning fabric is a strict NO. The reason is that they tend to produce microscopic dust when being used. This microscopic dust is industrially termed lint. In case such lint-producing fabric is use, there is a high chance of the lint entering the delicate parts of high-precision instruments resulting in malfunctioning or even repair. This makes disposable lint-free wipes the preferred choice as cleaning material.

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