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Chopin Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, is a French manufacturer of instruments for evaluating the quality of cereal, flour, and other related products. Of the many instruments in their line-up, the Mixolab 2 occupies an important position.

The Mixolab 2 is used worldwide to assess the rheological properties of dough to ensure a smooth production process and predict the quality of the end product. Cereal-based products are qualified not just based on their taste and nutrition, but their physical characteristics such as volume, colour, and crispness play an important role too. These physical characteristics majorly depend on the quality and functionality of protein, starch, and enzymes that make up the flour.

The Mixolab 2 has the unique capability to assess the combined effects of these components by observing their behaviour when the dough is being kneaded by cyclic heating and cooling.


Mixolab 2 test output

The following are the characteristics which can be observed and analysed from a single test performed by the Mixolab 2:

  • Water absorption which indicates the quantity of output that can be produced from the given quantity of flour
  • Behaviour during kneading which indicates raw material compatibility during industrial processing
  • Initial resistance to heating which provides information on the increase in volume during baking
  • Change in viscosity of the dough as its temperature increases which indicates the internal structure of the finished product
  • Viscosity and stability at 90° Celsius which provides information about the amylase activity which impacts the colour of the finished product
  • Cooling phase which indicates the rate of starch retro-gradation which has a direct relationship with the shelf-life of the dough

Salient features of Mixolab 2

Mixolab Profiler

Integrated with the software is the Mixolab Profiler which measures each of the standard curve parameters and converts them into qualitative indexes: absorption, mixing, gluten+, viscosity, amylase, and retro-gradation. Based on the flour, each of these indexes will have a value between 0 and 9 software. These values can be used for verification of compliance of the flour with the specifications entered. The main use of the Mixolab Profiler is to analyse a type of flour which you want to replicate.

Mixolab Simulator

One of the new additions to the Mixolab 2 is a new built-in protocol called the Mixulator Simulator. This protocol displays a curve and calculated values with endpoints which are fully comparable to those of the Farinograph. Using the graph from the Mixolab Simulator, you can determine water absorption, development time, stability, and weakening.

The Farinograph is used by bakers and food analysts worldwide to get an idea of the flour properties and its reaction at different stages of baking.

Custom protocols

In addition to the protocols available out of the box, you can also create custom protocols in the Mixolab 2. This enables you to automatically calculate customized parameters and results from bread-making parameters. You can also create specific protocols to test samples directly from the production line, or to test wholemeal flours or different types of cereal to obtain predictive results of the flour behaviour during the production process.  

Electronic calibration

Mixolab 2 is equipped with fully electronic calibration on all the measurement points of the Chopin+ curve (temperature & torque) for precise analysis.


The Mixolab 2 is compliant with numerous international standards such as ISO 17718, ICC 173/1, AACC 54-60-01, NF V03-765, NFV 03-764, GOST 54498-2011.

Mixolab 2 applications

The Mixolab 2 is commonly used to assess the quality of dough for applications such as:

  • Assessment of quality and regularity of flour
  • Selection of wheat seed variety from generations F4 – F5 for breeders
  • Analysis of impact of enzymes
  • Development of new formulations such as high-fibre or gluten-free

Mixolab 2 price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive distributor of Chopin Technologies, France, who manufacture the Mixolab 2. To get a quotation with the Mixolab 2 price, you can fill up this form or send an email directly to sales@agaramindia.com.

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