Gluten analyser: Gluten washer & Centrifuge

Bastak Instruments is a leading manufacturer of instruments pertaining to flour and grain analysis. One important offering of theirs is the gluten analyser. A gluten analyser analyses the quality and quantity of gluten in wheat and flour. The setup to do this requires two instruments – gluten washer and centrifuge.

The Gluten Washer 6200 can measure the quantity of wet gluten, while the Gluten Index 2100 or centrifuge can evaluate the quality.In addition to these two instruments, Bastak Instruments have a third instrument, the Dry Gluten 2500, which can function as a heater to obtain dry gluten values.


Salient features of Gluten Washer 6200

  • Amount of wet gluten in two samples can be determined concurrently
  • Measurement is fully automated
  • Testing of whole meal can also be performed
  • Kneading period and washing periods can be adjusted, if required, to determine the amount of wet gluten in special samples
  • Tested samples can be named in the device to avoid mix-ups and the results can be saved and printed out
  • Conformance to international standards such as ICC 155, 158, 137/1, ISO 21415, and AACC 38-12.02

Salient features of Gluten Index 2100 (Centrifuge)

  • With the output, the wheat and flour samples can be separated into groups based on quality of wet gluten
  • Output provides an opinion on the sunn pest destruction of samples
  • Date, hour, environment temperature, test duration, device operating revolution, and operation status of the device (ready, testing, stop etc) can be viewed on instrument display
  • Security feature prevents operation if the cover is not closed properly and displays warning message
  • Automatic locking of cover once analysis begins
  • Automatic stopping after analysis, followed by audio alert

Gluten analyser working procedure

Measuring the quantity of wet gluten: Bastak Gluten Washer 6200

The Gluten Washer 6200 separates wet gluten from the wheat flour and detects the amount of wet gluten. The test is started by taking 10 grams of flour sample with 14% moisture base. The sample is taken from 4-5 different points of the cup to maintain homogeneity. A 2% sodium chloride solution is prepared by mixing 20 grams of salt with 1000 ml of distilled water. The temperature of the sodium chloride solution should be 20°C (+/- 2°C).

The washing chamber is then moistened using the sodium chloride solution prepared. 10 grams of the flour sample is added, followed by 4.8 ml of sodium chloride solution on the sides of the chamber. This chamber is then fixed to the instrument and the test is initiated.

Test completion will be indicated in the instrument display. After the test has been completed, the washing chamber is removed from the instrument and what remains in it is the wet gluten since starch and proteins will have been washed out. This will then need to be weighed to get the quantity of wet gluten.

Measuring quality of wet gluten: Bastak Index 2100 (Centrifuge)

The quality of gluten is measured using gluten index, which is defined by the following formula:

Gluten Index = (strong gluten/total gluten) * 100

To begin, the wet gluten obtained from the Gluten Washer 6200 is added to the cartridges of the Gluten Index 2100, which has sieves. The instrument is started for the wet gluten to be separated into strong and weak gluten. Once the test is completed, the gluten which passes through the sieve is taken as weak gluten and rest as strong gluten. Using the formula mentioned above, gluten index is computed which indicates the quality of the wet gluten.

Gluten analyser applications

Baking industry

The quantity of wet gluten directly determines the volume of baked goods such as bread, pasta, and noodles. When combined with an instrument to measure the Falling Number, properties of baked goods such as shape, elasticity, fermentation, and so on can be predicted which will enable bakers to produce high quality products.

Grain trading

With the right tools, grain traders will be able to analyse the quality of incoming wheat and other grains and fix an appropriate price for them.

Other applications

Gluten analysers are found useful by people dealing with grain breeding, flour milling, pasta manufacturing, and so on.

Gluten analyser price

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