Car door speed in meters per second

The TGM5 and TGM Mini are handheld device that is mounted in the door to determine the exact speed at which the doors close. Door closing speed is displayed in meters per second (m/s) with an accuracy of 0.05 m/s.

TGM shows the minimum speed required to safely close the door. This is achieved by finding out the minimum speed at which the door closes completely and the maximum speed at which the door still remains open.

Measurement using door velocity meter

Position the TGM on the stationary section of the car’s body and ensure that the distance between the TGM’s measuring head and the edge of the door Is not more than 10mm. Operate the door as usual (Open and close). The passing door edge will trigger a measurement and the velocity will be displayed in the display unit. We offer two distinct modes:

Test Mode – to display the real-time velocity of the door closure, allowing to determine whether the door’s closing speed falls within a specified speed range. Additionally, this mode has LED indicator lights in green and red to signify PASS or FAIL status.

Measure Mode – Primarily employed research and development or new product development contexts, enabling a highly precise assessment of the door’s actual closing velocity.

How to install Door Closing Meter?

Mounting the TGM door velocity gauge onto car body is quick and convenient using our magnetic holder. If your car has a flat surface, our standard suction cup holders are also compatible. If you have a more intricate or unique body, we can help you with a custom magnetic holder.

All our fixtures are equipped with high quality rubber padding to ensure that your car’s painted surface remains undamaged during the process.

How does the door velocity gauge works?

TGM have two magnetic sensors placed at a distance of 55m from each other (the exact distance is measured, calibrated and saved in the microcontroller). These sensors detect the change of the magnetic field when the car doors pass them and send a signal to the 8MHz Microcontroller. The microcontroller then computes the time taken for the door to cross these two sensors and computes the velocity.

Areas of Application

  • Car door
  • Car front bonnet
  • Car rear trunk
  • Sliding door
  • Automated door

Velocity or speed of these doors can be measured which can be used to develop, validate or prototype any door components like, weather strips, door seals, hinges, tailgate gas springs, scooter seat closing and so on.

How TGM is superior to EZ Speed?

  • Easier to use and doesn’t need a counterpart / reflective part
  • A single charge of battery can last for 20 to 30 Hours.
  • Cable and Bluetooth connection for data logging
  • TGM5 and TGMmini both provide more better return on investment

Existing users include all German Car Manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and their subsidiaries like Mini, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini and Mazda, Nissan, Toyota. Engineering companies like Edag, Bertrandt and Hinges and Seals suppliers like Saargummi, Witte are using TGM to making their car safe.

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