Force testing UTM machine – Mark-10, USA & Shimadzu, Japan

Universal testing machines (UTMs) are commonly used in any factory or laboratory with the need to test the strength of the materials. The primary application of a UTM machine is to measure the tensile or compression strength of different materials. Earlier called tensometers, they have different names in different industries, though the application remains the same. The ‘universal’ part in the name is because of their ability to perform a variety of tests on a wide range of materials. They are also called force testing machines, compression and tensile testing machines, test stands, and texture analysers.

UTM machines vary based on the application and maximum force required. The most common classification is based on the number of columns in the machine. This is a major determinant of the maximum force that the machine can exert and test.

  • Single column UTM machines / Texture analysers
  • Dual column UTM machines

Single column UTM


Dual column UTM

Single column UTM machines / Texture analysers – Mark-10, USA

In industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and medical devises, single column UTM machines are widely employed. In these industries, they are called texture analysers. One of the leading manufacturers of force testing texture analysers is Mark-10 from USA.

Mark-10 texture analysers have four main components – test stand, force gauge / indicator, grips & attachments, and software.

Test stand

The test stand forms the crux of the texture analyser and is responsible for exerting force on the object to be tested. The maximum tensile or compression force that can be exerted by the texture analyser setup mainly depends on the test stand. As the name suggests, single column UTM machines have test stands with a single column on which the grip with the force sensor travels up and down.


Manual Test-Stand


Motorized Test-Stand

Mark-10 offers two types of test stands – manual and motorized test stands. In the manual models, movement of the machine needs to be controlled manually by means of a lever or spinning wheel. Mark-10 offers a wide range of manual test stands starting from ones that can measure up to 150 N. The higher-capacity ones have a maximum capacity of 5 kN. In the motorized models, movement is controlled by a stepper motor. You also have the option of controlling it via a PC in the top-end models. The motorized test stands are suitable for tests requiring even application of higher forces up to 6.7 kN.

Force gauge

The force gauge is responsible for receiving and converting signals from force sensors into corresponding electric signals to display a digital value of the force detected.


Manual Test Stand

Mark-10’s line-up has a variety of force gauges which vary based on specifications such as:

  • force range
  • resolution
  • sampling rate
  • accuracy
  • data storage and output
  • compatibility with software
  • password protection
  • units of measurement

Grips & attachments

Based on the kind of experiment being performed, the grips and attachments vary. Mark-10 has ready-made grips for measuring the force applied in tests such as tensile, compression, bend, impact, peel, and so on.


The software is responsible for extracting data from the texture analyser and performing various types of analysis on it to produce graphs and reports. A powerful software is responsible for making maximum use of the data obtained by the instrument. Mark-10 has three versions of software called MESUR™ Lite, MESUR™gauge, and MESUR™gauge Plus.

Dual column UTM machines – Shimadzu, Japan

Dual column UTM machines are more common in manufacturing industries since they usually have high force requirements. As the name suggests, these UTM machines have two columns on which the force sensor and grips traverse up and down through the length of the UTM frame.

One of the most popular manufacturers of dual column UTM machines is Shimadzu from Japan. Living up to the reputation that Japanese technology has, Shimadzu manufactures machines that are robust and have a long life.

In the UTM machine sector, they have two models to offer – Autograph AGX-V series and AGS-X series.

Salient features of Shimadzu Autograph AGX-V series

  • Control box equipped with 2 processors and 3 engine units for crosshead control and high-speed data sampling
  • High-level auto-tuning for high accuracy even under noisy and disturbed conditions
  • High sensitivity to force changes owing to sampling rate of 10 kHz which instantaneously detects changes
  • Precise strain rate control for steel and non-ferrous metal testing
  • Ability to perform free run compression testing where the compression indenter or bending punch will run free until making contact with sample, after which a set force will be applied

Safety features of Shimadzu Autograph AGX-V series

  • Unnecessary to constantly replace joints and heavy-set jigs which reduces the risk in handling heavy objects
  • Class 10 shaft alignment accuracy according to ASTM E1012 for data reliability
  • Transparent, impact-resistant polycarbonate safety covers in the front and rear of test space to prevent samples from flying out when broken
  • Overload detection to ensure that if the test force exceeds the load cell capacity, the crosshead stops automatically

Salient features of Shimadzu AGS-X series

  • Real-time auto-tuning of control parameters based on test force and strain data according to ISO 6892-2009
  • High testing efficiency because of load cell precision range of 1/500 to 1/1
  • Easy to change jigs since it has a single joint for tension and compression tests
  • All test operations can be performed via the main operation panel which eliminates the need to connect the machine to a PC

Safety features of Shimadzu Autograph AGS-X series

  • Safety function which stops the test if force exceeds the limit during specimen setting or return
  • Safety cover to avoid scattering of test specimen during testing
  • Emergency stop switches on both sides of the machine frame

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