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Alla France is a renowned manufacturer of different types of instruments, mainly for the measurement of temperature and density. One of their temperature-measuring devices is the digital infrared thermometer. Also called a non-contact infrared thermometer, this instrument can measure the temperature of surfaces from a distance.

These digital thermometers are used in cases where conventional thermocouples cannot be used, such as measuring the temperature of objects in motion, objects carrying current,and objects at extremely high temperatures. In certain industries, they are also referred to as laser thermometers since a laser is used to help aim at the surface whose temperature is to be measured from a distance.

Digital Infrared Thermometer Models

Alla France manufactures six models of digital infrared thermometers varying based on the temperature range, number of laser beams, and D:S ratio.

Single-Beam Laser Thermometer Models

Double Scale: °C/°F
Display Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: +/- 2% or +/-2 °C
Fixed emissivity: 0.9
Distance ratio: 12/1
Functions: Data Hold- backlight

Model 92000-008-ca = -50 to 280°c
Model 92000-008-ca = -50 to 380°c
Model 92000-008-ca = -50 to 530°c
Model 92000-008-ca = -50 to 750°c

Dual-Beam Laser Thermometer Models

Double Scale: °C/°F
Display Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: +/- 2% or +/-2 °C
Adjustable emissivity: 0.1 to 1.0
Functions: Max/Min- backlight
Data Hold- Programmable alarm

Model 92000-013-ca = -50 to 600°c
Model 92000-014-ca = -50 to 1100°c

How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

Infrared thermometers work on the principle of blackbody radiation. Every object around us emits electromagnetic radiation in the infrared region. This is because every object above the absolute zero (–273.15 degrees Celsius) has molecules moving inside them. The higher the temperature, the faster the movement of molecules. As the molecules move, they emit infrared radiation proportional to their speed. This radiation will generally be in the infrared region which is invisible to the naked eye. However, as the temperature increases above a certain point, they will start to emit visible light, the reason why certain heated metals glow in red or white when heated.

Every digital infrared thermometer has a lens through which thermal infrared radiation emitted by objects is absorbed. This radiation is focused onto a detector (thermopile), which then converts it into a proportional electrical signal which is translated and displayed either in terms of Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Salient Features Of Alla France Digital Infrared Thermometers


Emissivity is the ability of a material to emit infrared energy and can range from 0.00 to 1.00. Not all surfaces emit infrared radiations in the same manner. For example, a polished metal surface will have low emissivity, whereas a roughened and oxidized metal surface will have high emissivity.

Most of the commercially available IR thermometers have a fixed emissivity of 0.95. These devices will satisfy most requirements as organic, painted, or oxidized surfaces have emissivity values close to 0.95. If one wants to measure the temperature of shiny surfaces having lesser emissivity, an IR thermometer with a fixed emissivity will not be able to provide accurate values. As a makeshift arrangement, a black tape can be stuck on to the surface which needs to be measured and the thermometer can then be used to read the temperature of the black tape.

To avoid inaccurate values and such makeshift setups, Alla has models 92000-013-ca & 92000-014-ca whose emissivity settings can be adjusted. The emissivity of these two models can be changed to any value from 0.1 to 1.0, depending on your requirements.

Distance To Spot Ratio

Every digital infrared thermometer has a specific distance to spot (D:S) ratio which gives you an idea of the diameter of the area being measured given how far you are holding the instrument from the object. It is the ratio of distance between the thermometer and the surface to the diameter of the measurement area. For example, if a thermometer has a distance-to-spot ratio of 12:1, it will measure the temperature of a one inch diameter spot when it is held at 12 inches from the target (about 2.5 cm at 30 cm). Hence,if you want to measure the temperature of smaller areas, it is recommended to hold the thermometer closer to the surface for accurate readings. In cases where it is difficult to get close to the target, infrared thermometers having a higher D:S ratio will work better. In such situations, models 92000-013-ca, having a D:S ratio of 16: 1, and 92000-014-ca,with a ratio of 50: 1, are preferred.

Digital Infrared Thermometer Price

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