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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd. manufactures some of the finest portable analytical instruments which are popular world over. Of the instruments in their bouquet, one is the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) meter. In certain industries, it is also referred to as a heat stress meter, since it is essentially used to measure the amount of heat stress a human is subjected to the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

These digital thermometers are used in cases where conventional thermocouples cannot be used, such as measuring the temperature of objects in motion, objects carrying current,and objects at extremely high temperatures. In certain industries, they are also referred to as laser thermometers since a laser is used to help aim at the surface whose temperature is to be measured from a distance.

203-A WBGT Meter

The 203-A WBGT meter is a handy instrument that can give you all the information needed to assess environmental conditions, based on which you can decide the amount of physical exercise humans can perform in the existing conditions. The 203-A is suitable for measuring temperature, relative humidity, globe temperature, and WBGT index of both indoor and outdoor environments.
With the WBGT index value obtained from the WBGT meter, you can decide the next course of action based on your own framework or the guidelines mentioned below which was devised by the Japan Athletic Society.


Warning & Course of action

Below 21

Safe (occasional supply of water is required)

21 – 25

Note (immediate supply of water is required)

25 – 28

Caution (rest is required)

28 – 31

Warning (active physical exercise should be stopped)

Above 31

Dangerous (physical exercise should be cancelled)

203-A WBGT Meter Specifications

Type and Model NameWBGT-203A Heat Stroke Checker
Measurement Data

 WBGT, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Globe temperature

WBGT data can be switched Outdoor or Indoor

Measuring Range
WBGT:0 to 50°C
Temperature:0 to 50°C
Relative Humidity:10 – 90%RH
Globe temperature:0 – 60°C (WBGT-203A), 0 – 80°C (WBGT-213AN)
WBGT:±2.0°C (15 to 35°C)
Temperature:±1.0°C (15 to 40°C)
Relative Humidity:±5.0% (20 to 80%RH at 25°C)
Globe temperature:±2.0°C (15 to 50°C)

What Is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index?

Wet bulb globe temperature index is a widely used parameter for determining the collective impact of temperature, wind speed, and visible and infrared radiation on humans. The WBGT index is calculated using the following formula:

WBGT = 0.7Tw + 0.2Tg + 0.1Td


Tw is the natural wet-bulb temperature

Tg is the globe thermometer temperature

Td is the dry-bulb temperature

In indoor conditions, the solar radiation is negligible. Hence the formula for calculating the WBGT becomes

WBGT = 0.7Tw + 0.3Tg

The 203-A heat stress meter comes out of the box with algorithms for calculating the WBGT index for both indoor and outdoor conditions. This algorithm is in accordance with ISO 7243 which describes the process for determining the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index.

The WBGT index was first formulated in the 1950s following the number of casualties in the United States Armed Services as a result of heat exhaustion. Initially, they started to record the temperature and humidity levels and determine training sessions based on that. Later, they switched to the wet bulb globe temperature index as a determinant of heat stress. This helped them drastically reduce the number of casualties because of heat exhaustion.

The process for determining the WBGT value is also described in ISO 7243 Hot Environments – Estimation of the heat stress on working man based on the WBGT index.

WBGT Meter Applications

This instrument finds widespread application in the field of sports. The WBGT index helps coaches and trainers determine the workout schedule, diet, and water intake of the sportspersons. The 203A is popular in the sports field since it can measure the WBGT index of both indoor and outdoor conditions. Hence, it can be used for both outdoor sports such as athletics and indoor sports such as volleyball and badminton. In fact, the 203A was to be used in the Tokyo Olympics which was supposed to happen in 2020, but later got delayed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from sports, this instrument is also used by military agencies and construction companies. The Unites States military uses the WBGT index to chart out the training schedule for the trainees. In construction companies, it is used to ensure that the atmospheric conditions are safe enough for workers to go about with their work.

WBGT Meter Price

Agaram Industries is the official distributor for WBGT meters manufactured by Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan. To get a quotation with the WBGT meter price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to sales@agaramindia.com.

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