Digital Moisture Meter For Grains: Chopin Technologies, France

Chopin Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, is a French manufacturer of high-quality instruments for evaluating different parameters of cereal, flour, and other related products. An important instrument in their list of offerings is the grain moisture meter. Also called as grain moisture tester, it is an instrument used to measure moisture content in grains. Chopin has two models—Aqua-TR and Agri-TR— for evaluating moisture level in grains worldwide.

In case you are looking for portable version of the grain moisture meter, you can check out the Moisture Meter 16000 from Bastak Instruments, Turkey. For a detailed description of the product, you can also check out this video

Grain Moisture Meter 16000

Features Of Agri-TR Automatic 8-Crop Digital Grain Moisture Meter

  • Uses universal capacitive measurement technology to determine the moisture content and specific weight with automatic leveling of sensors
  • Up to 64 different calibrations available, including cereals, oil seeds, pellets, and so on.
  • Possible to develop new calibrations on request based on the type of sample
  • Full cycle, including analysis, display of results, and emptying gets over in 35 seconds
  • Automatic compensation of measurement based on outside temperature and/or grain temperature
  • Easy to transport to make it usable in fields by powering 12V vehicle battery

Features Of Aqua-TR Automatic 64-Crop Grain Moisture Tester

  • Can measure moisture content, temperature, and specific weight
  • Sample analysis and result generation completed within 20 seconds
  • Complaint with NF EN ISO 7971-2 standards
  • Can store up to 1000 measurement data
  • Stored data can be transferred to external PC using Aqua-pro software
  • Ideally combined with Infraneo (NIR grain analyser) for analysis of accredited moisture content, specific weight, and protein content

Grain Moisture Tester Working

The moisture content of grains can be determined within a minute using either the Agri-TR or Aqua-TR by following these simple steps:

1) Select the grain sample to be analyzed from the drop-down list

2) Add the grains to be analyzed to the device hopper

3) Press the test button on the instrument

4) Once the test is over, the results will be displayed on the screen. The testing will not be for more than 20 seconds

5) The grain can then be retrieved from bottom drawer

6) The measured values can be stored on the device or also exported to an external PC using software for statistical purposes

Grain Moisture Tester Applications


To maximize crop yield and ensure quality of the harvested crops, the moisture content of grains is measured while the crop is in pre-harvest stage. When the crop/grain has the right moisture content, the crops will then be harvested.

Digital moisture meters are popular in measuring moisture in rice, paddy, corn, and so on. Hence, they are also called as rice moisture meters and paddy moisture meters in certain industries.

Grain Trading:

Knowledge of the moisture content gives grain traders a good idea of its quality based on which they can decide the pricing. It also gives them a yardstick for classifying grains into different categories.


If grains are exposed to moisture during pre-harvest or storage, it will result in sprout damage. This can be evaluated using a Hagberg Falling Number instrument—Amylab FN. The moisture content in grains directly impacts the quality of baked goods. Hence, it is mandatory to check the % moisture content to control the quality of baked goods.

Grain Moisture Meter Price

Agaram Industries is the official distributor of Chopin Technologies, France, who manufacture digital moisture meter for grains. To get a quotation with the grain moisture meter price, you can fill up this form or send an email directly to

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