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Hair colouring procedures have become popular over the years. Consumers choose to colour their hair to hide undesirable grey hair or as a styling procedure. There are temporary and permanent hair colouring options with a wide variety of colours to choose from. Manufacturers of hair colour products perform various tests, to ensure that the products produce the promised results. However, there are very few solutions for accurate hair colour measurement and analysis.

The MAMBO is the most reliable system for accurate hair colour measurement and analysis. Developed by a group of scientists from Bossa Nova Vision, this system is the preferred option for all the leading hair dye manufacturers throughout the world. The following are the challenges faced while objectively evaluating hair colour which can be overcome by using the MAMBO.

  • Colour of light illuminating the sample affects the colour perceived by the observer
  • The orientation of light source and geometry of sample impacts how incident light is reflected
  • Observer’s experience and subjectivity in colour assessment

MAMBO Specifications

Colour Identification Accuracy
(measure on Paul Mitchell swatch book)



GigE colour 12-bit camera


0.25” diameter

(6.35 mm diameter)

Computer OS&Software

Windows 10 &MAMBO 2.0


Paul Mitchell Swatch Book

(Artificial hair) 113 elements


Factory calibrated


CIEL*a*b* 1976 colour values

Colour match / database

MAMBO Working

The MAMBO is an imaging system with a special geometry that makes it the most accurate system for hair colour measurement. The speciality of the system lies in both its hardware and software.

Hardware: The hardware consists of the following parts:

  • a white LED illuminator
  • a diffused sphere
  • a colour camera

The diffused sphere provides the special geometry and is where the hair tress needs to be mounted for measurement. The sphere and the stable white LED illumination enable measurements to be taken in the same conditions each time. The colour-calibrated 12-bit camera is responsible for capturing high-resolution images of the hair tress. It has a calibration tile in the field of view to maintain a stable illumination and white balance.

Software:The MAMBO software plays the crucial role of extracting RGB and CIE*Lab values and comparing it with the colour database pre-programmed into the system. The pre-built algorithm uses the extracted colour values to compute DE* values which represent the perceived distance between the extracted values and the existing colour elements in the database.The colour having the minimum-most distance is determined to be the colour of the hair tress. The software offers tremendous flexibility by allowing you to configure your own colour database.

The salient features of the software are:

  • Instantaneous colour measurement in RGB and CIE*Lab values
  • Colour comparison with database or colour reference using DE* values
  • Customisability for configuring custom colour database
  • Data export including images, graphs, and tables


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