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Chopin Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, is a French manufacturer of instruments for evaluating the quality of cereal, flour, and other related products. One of its flagship products is the Infraneo—an NIR grain analyser. It can analyse properties such as protein, gluten, moisture,and ash content of grains and flour.

Working Principle Of NIR Grain Analysers

NIR grain analysers work on the principle of near-infrared transmission spectroscopy. A ray of monochromatic light is passed through grain or flour sample and the characteristics of the rays which have passed through the sample are analysed. This is compared to a predefined database to determine the amount of moisture, protein, oil, and many other parameters in grains.

The Infraneo features the latest generation grating monochromator coupled with a self-adjustment technology to achieve highest levels of stability and precision.

Salient Features Of Infraneo NIR Grain Analysers

  • Single device to analyse whole grains, flour, barn,and other powdered products including semolina, couscous, and bulgur
  • Latest generation grating monochromator with auto-adjustment mechanism for superior precision and reliability
  • Easily transportable from place to place without any risk of damage
  • Equipped with an embedded Windows PC user interface along with USB ports for optimal accessibility and an ethernet output for remote control or intervention by the support team of Chopin Technologies
  • PLS open calibration system for trained users to develop or refine their own calibrations
  • Remote maintenance function for Chopin Technologies to maintain the device remotely.
  • Storage space for up to 100,000 analyses for permanent monitoring
  • Guaranteed result generation in 60 seconds for any number of parameters

Infraneo NIR Grain Analyser Working

The Infraneo analyser works on the principle of near-infrared transmission spectroscopy in which a beam of monochromatic light is passed through the grain sample and the ray that traverses through the sample is observed and analysed.

To begin operation, the sample that needs to be analysed is selected from the drop-down on the Infraneo display. The sample is then added to the instrument through its input channel—separate input channels are available for grains and flour. Once enough sample has been added, the Analyse button is pressed. In a matter of few seconds, the properties of grain such as quantity of protein, gluten,moisture,and ash content are displayed. The test results can be stored along with the sample name and other details such as date and time.

Infraneo NIR Grain Analyser Applications

Apart from commonly assessed parameters such as protein, gluten, moisture, and ash content, the Infraneo can also measure humidity, Zeleny test, oil, and many more. Because of its versatility, high accuracy, and simple operation, it is a popular product in field of grain analysis.

Grain Traders

To gauge the quality of the incoming and outgoing grains, NIR grain analysers are used in addition to instruments such as Falling Number instrument, Alveolab, and SDmatic by grain traders.

Baking Industry

The quality of flour used determines the quality of the baked products. Hence, it is essential for the baking industry to be completely aware of various parameters of the flour they use. This is particularly useful in determining the quantity of additives that needs to be added for retaining consistent quality.

Research Institutes

Food and grain research institutes use NIR grain analysers to understand various characteristics of grains post-harvest. A lot of studies on effects of dampness, storage,and pests on the quality of grain and flour are also conducted.

Infraneo NIR Grain Analyser Price

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