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The years of experience in the sugar industry helped Rudolph Research Analytical get a thorough understanding of the market and conceptualize the digital saccharimeter. The feature set offered by RRA saccharimeters makes it a popular instrument in the chemical and sugar domains. Autopol IIZ, 880, 880 Plus, and 880 are the saccharimeter models offered by the USA manufacturer.

Salient Features Of RRA Saccharimeters

Dual Wavelengths

One of the features in RRA saccharimeters which makes them versatile, is their ability to record measurements at two wavelengths: 589 nm and 880 nm. The 589 nm wavelength is preferred for conventional analysis using chemicals or lead clarifiers, while the 880 nm wavelength is suitable for polarimetric sugar measurements in the near infrared (NIR) range.

Automatic Temperature Correction

All Autopol saccharimeter models are equipped with a temperature probe in the measurement compartment. This probe can be inserted into the 14 style, 40T style, 41T style, and 33 style measurement cells. Using the RRA saccharimeters’ temperature correction feature, corrections such as the following can be performed:

  • A 30°C sucrose sample can be measured by the temperature probe and corrected to 20°C or 27.5°C or a customer defined temperature.
  • A 29°C sucrose sample in a Type 14 center fill glass cell can be measured by the temperature probe inside the saccharimeter sample chamber and corrected to 20°C.
  • A Quartz Plate measured at 25°C by the chamber temperature probe and then automatically corrected to 20°C.

Automatic Calibration

Calibrating RRA saccharimeters is an easy task. All the user needs to do is place the Rudolph Quartz Control Plate calibration standards on the optical rails and enter the Quartz plate value in the instrument’s UI. Then the instrument allows the user to correct the measurement to either the ICUMA’s standards of 20°C or the Tropical Reference Temperature of 27.5°C.

Dilution And Cell Length Correction

Based on the analysis being performed, a 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, or 200 mm cell would be required. The sugar solution can also be anything from 1/2 normal (13g/100ml), 1/4 normal (6.5 g/100 ml), or full weight solutions. RRA’s saccharimeters can adapt themselves to any of the above variables and display the reading as if they were prepared as a 1 normal solution in a 200 mm optical path length cell. 

Saccharimeter Models:

Autopol IZ & II Z Saccharimeters
Saccharimeter Autopol 589
Saccharimeter Autopol 880 & 880T
Autopol 880 Plus & 880T Plus

Saccharimeter Price

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