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The tensile strength of hair is a subject of interest for industries such as personal care product manufacturers and research institutions dealing with hair. Human hair is quite a complex composite having numerous components. It is made up of a protein called keratin which is a polyamide molecule with many disulfide chains between the bridges. This is responsible for the strength and stiffness of hair.

In general, human hair has a tensile strength of 200 – 250 MPa and yield strength of 140 – 160 MPa. The real challenge in measuring the tensile strength of hair is handling single strands of hair which have a diameter of about 0.025 mm to 0.076 mm. Generic universal testing machine cannot handle fibers of such small diameter.

Instruments To Measure Tensile Strength Of Hair

Dia-Stron is a UK-based manufacturer of instruments for accurately analysing different properties of single fibers. One of the single fibers which evokes a lot of interest for researchers is the human hair.
In addition to instruments for analysing human hair, Dia-Stron have an unparalleled solution for mounting hair strands. After years of research and development, they came up with unique brass crimps which have PVC tubing in them. Customers find it extremely easy to mount their hair sample fibers using these brass crimps onto the instruments.

For measuring the tensile strength of human hair, Dia-Stron offer two instruments:



MTT690 – Miniature Tensile Tester

Force range

0 to 20N (2000gmf)

Force resolution


Speed range


Extension range


Displacement resolution


Sample size



The MTT690 is an instrument entirely meant for testing the tensile strength of human hair. The setup consists of the basic MTT690 system along with UV1000 control unit, PU1100 pneumatic unit, and UvWin software.

Hair Tensile Strength Testing Automation

It facilitates increased throughput since it can be completely automated for testing up to 100 hair samples one after the other. Hair fiber samples will have to be mounted using the brass crimps onto a 100-slot rotary cassette. A pneumatically operated sample gripper mounted on a moving bridge will pick up each sample and place it in the measuring area of the instrument. The gripper is mounted onto a load cell which measures the force being applied on the sample.

A variety of tests can be conducted since it is compatible with both dry and wet hair. The MTT690 has a force range of 0 N to 20 N (2000 gmf) with a resolution of 0.05 gmf. It is a perfect fit for laboratories because of its small footprint and easy maintenance.


The UvWin software is compatible with Windows versions 7, 8, and 10. It offers several analysis options including 1 or 3 phase tensile analysis, hysteresis analysis, and stress relaxation. In addition to tensile strength, data from the MTT690 can be used for supporting claims such as hydration and damage repair.


Though the is a specialized instrument for testing hair tresses as a whole, it can also be customized to test the tensile strength of hair fibers. In its horizontal orientation, the can work as efficiently as the MTT690. The major difference between the two setups is that the test cannot be automated using the

For labs wanting to test numerous samples in a short span, the MTT690 will be a better solution. The is more suitable for applications which will want to perform different tests on hair tresses and also occasionally test the tensile strength of single hair fibers.

Dia-Stron MTT690 & Fibra.One Price

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Contract Testing For Tensile Strength Of Hair

Dia-Stron also offers contract testing services for the tensile strength of hair fibers. It has a dedicated laboratory in UK with laboratory staff equipped to perform a wide range of tests. This is an efficient, cost-effective way to ensure you get valid and repeatable results. If you would like to get your hair samples contract tested with Dia-Stron, just send an email to and we’ll get back to you with all the details.

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