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Ozu Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in lint-free wipes. Of the many variants they produce, the industrial wipes are called Noa Strong and are chiefly employed in factories and production facilities. These are non-woven and have a composition of 70% cellulose and 30% polypropylene

The following are the highlights of Noa Strong industrial wipes which makes them the preferred choice in factories and production facilities across the globe:

Model Name

Noa Strong

Packaging and Size

4-fold, 34 x 35 cm (similar to Wypall)


70% cellulose and 30% polypropylene


50 wipes per bag

Case Quantity

24 bags / 18 bags


White / Blue


Factories / Clean rooms

Noa Strong Industrial Wipes

Composition: In factories and production environments, the most common cleaning requirements would be to wipe off grease or oil. Hence, the cleaning material used should be able to remove the undesirable element completely. At the same time, they should not be fragile since most of the parts being cleaned will have sharp, pointed edges.

Taking all this into consideration, Noa Strong wipes are produced with a composition of 70% cellulose and 30% polyester (polypropylene). The cellulose part lends them the necessary absorption capacity while the polyester increases their tear strength and makes them durable.

Lint release: Though ordinary industrial wipes might manage to get the necessary job done, they leave behind a lot of lint which is not visible to the naked eye. Over time, the residual lint gets accumulated in the small nooks and crannies of machinery. This is detrimental to machines and instruments since it results in them malfunctioning.

To avoid such a loss, the industrial wipes should release as less lint as possible. Noa Strong wipes stand out in this aspect that they release very less lint when compared to any of the other industrial wipes available in the market. This is aided by the non-woven manufacturing technique employed, which is proprietary to Ozu Corporation.

Colour options: In certain industries, such as pharma, compliance mandates require manufacturers to use industrial wipes of any colour but white. This is due to the reason that in case the facility manufactures tablets, most of which are white in colour, the extent of cleaning will not be evident with white-coloured wipes. To counter such a scenario and provide solutions to industries such as pharma, two variants of the Noa Strong wipes are available:

  • Noa Strong Lite (white colour)
  • Noa Strong Blue (blue colour)

As the name suggests, the Noa Strong Blue wipes are ideal for such applications. All the specifications mentioned above are the same and the only difference is in the colour. For industries which are not bound by such restrictions, Noa Strong Lite is the preferred choice.

Dimensions & Packaging: The Noa Strong wipes are four-folded with each wipe having total dimensions of 34 x 35 cm (similar to Wypall). This is the standardized size ideal for a single cleaning usage in factories and manufacturing facilities as it reduces wastage. They come in easily portable bags containing 50 wipes each.

Industrial Wipes Price

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